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Infant and Toddler Program

Infant Program

Infants from 12 month to 18 months of age are involved in a variety of daily activities both indoors and outdoors. Children have the opportunity to be part of group activities such as music and sensory, with a focus on individualized schedules and care.

Our Infant Program focuses directly on the individual needs of each infant in our care. The program has a flexible daily schedule that allows for different feeding times, multiple naps, and outside play.

At Picasso Kids we believe infants need to explore the world around them in order to learn and understand it. Your child will participate in story time, indoor and outdoor play as well as many different sensory experiences daily and learning early concepts.

Our Caregivers focus on supporting infants to develop a foundation of skill sets that will help them be successful in the programs to come. Some skills the children learn are, walking, eating with a spoon, baby signs, and self-regulation. Developing these skills, and many more, will support their transition into our Toddler Program where they will be able to be successful in their new adventures.

A healthy and nutritious breakfast, and afternoon snack are prepared daily. Parents are welcome to send baby food and formula in labelled baby bottles. Picasso staff will provide whole milk when infants transition from formula or breast milk.

Mats and bedding are provided for napping. Special bedding, security items, blankets and stuffed animals from home are welcomed and properly stored. All diapers, diapering creams and baby wipes are provided by the parent.

Ratio: 1 staff to 4 infants

Toddler Program

From 18 to 36 months old, children are involved in a variety of daily activities which includes group activities, gross motor games, early concepts, language and listening and sensory both indoors and outdoors.  Toddlers begin to learn independence and are encouraged to do things on their own, but are supported until they master a skill.

Our Toddler Program continues to build upon the developmental skills learned in the Infant Program and over time, helps prepare them developmentally for the 3-5 year program. The Toddler Program while still maintaining flexibility has a more consistent set routine.

Our Caregivers use positive role modeling and redirection to assist children through the daily routine and play. Our toddlers enjoy circle time, music and movement, art, science, indoor and outdoor play, and sensory experiences daily.

Our Caregivers have created a space that provides a fun, warm, exciting, and nurturing environment that allows toddlers to grow at their own pace.

A healthy and nutritious breakfast and afternoon snack are prepared daily. Mats and bedding are provided every afternoon for a rest period. Special bedding, blankets and stuffed animals from home are welcomed and properly stored. All diapers, diapering creams and baby wipes are provided by the parent.

Ratio: 1 staff to 6 toddlers.


Preschool Program



Picasso Kids offers an opportunity for children to truly explore their creativity in a fully accredited child care program for children 3-6 years.  Your child will learn in a structured preschool environment, learning the essentials of reading and writing, and skill building. 

Your children will spend a fun filled day learning through play, and teacher directed activities.  Children will have the opportunity to participate in circle times, music, arts and crafts, group play, literacy building, gross motor play, and sensory play, all with experienced and knowledgeable caregivers.   Hours of care are 6:00 am to 6:30 pm Monday – Friday.  Healthy morning and afternoon snacks are included.

(A part time program is offered for parents who do not require child care but would like their preschool child to prepare for ECS.  This program will offer programs 2 days per week for 3 hours a day, for children 3.5-5 years of age.)

Children are encouraged to use independent skills at this age, some examples of this are cleaning up their toys when finished, cleaning up spills, making their beds and putting bedding away, serving themselves at meal times, and cleaning up their space after a meal.  Younger children are given support until they have mastered these skills.

Ratio 1 Staff for every 8 children


Kinder and School Age Care



We provide all day kindergarten care and before and after school care for children who attend a kindergarten programs. The kinder children benefit from the same program as the preschool class on non kinder days, as well as the BAS program on kinder days, only it will be age appropriate and contain more opportunities for unstructured creativity.  Busing is provided for an additional cost.


School Age Care

Our Before and After school program offers children 6-12 a safe and well supervised program that will stimulate and provide roles for leadership.  The program will include age appropriate grouping and activities, healthy snacks and school closure care.  Transportation will be available to children attending the local schools, provided by Chinook Edge transportation for a fee.

School age children will get the opportunities for a truly art based program, such as  t-shirt design, canvas painting, sketching, pottery, sculpture and much much more.  We provide the ability for school age children to think and act independently, we offer social clubs, and each week children are selected to help with room chores, and class pet helper.  

Snacks are offered in the morning and after school, and we ask that parents bring a bagged lunch on non school days. 

School Breaks are not included in the cost of the School Age Care program, unless your child attends on a full time basis.

Summer Camps Programs

We will provide exciting  and fun programs for children 6-12 through the summer months.  Your child will explore their creativity through art, enjoy stimulating field trips and be participate in on and off site activities, most at no extra cost to you.  Keep your child busy this summer at an exciting summer program with Picasso Kids. 

 1 Staff for every 15 children